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Our company works with the best materials and the newest technology. You can read about it below.
arena Blower motor - Gibbonsfans
English import motor
We supply the motor with the appropriate output for every game. We also sell the entire product line of the manufacturer

- 2 year guarantee
The homepage of the manufacturer

ISF Paints

Water based decorative paint.
No health effects

The homepage of the manufacturer


Slide - ladder

- English import ropes and webbing are put on all the games
- the sliding canvas is changeable under the ladder of the slides as well

foci2 Inside figures
- there can be figures inside the games which serve as obstacles in the obstacle course, hiding places in the jumper or punching bags.
- extra strong if needed
- almost any idea can be completed
gladiator Hand painted games
- we hand paint all of our games, so they can be any color or theme
maszofal Kötelek
- we use the best English import rope for our games, the same as the western producers
rodeo Nets

- angol import hálókat használunk a játékokon kívül, és merevítésként belül is
- ugyanezeket hálókat megtalálhatják játszóházainkban is


Securing flaps

- All components of our games aim for durability and they are all the result of years of experience
foci2 Stitch protector
- We use stitch protectors on areas that are exposed to lots of wear
PVC canvas (self releasing - fire proof)
English import


- - made especially for games
- does not contain any harmful materials
- in 23 colors

Attention! Not truck canvas!

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