Inflatable products

The best known pieces of adventure games are the inflatable games. You can see them at several events, while the parents look at some great offers, or just relax a bit, children can play happily. Of course its not just the small children who enjoy a good game, older children like them too. You can find the right piece from our selection for every age group.



Outdoor and Indoor inflatable jumper from imported English materials, with the highest quality standards


Outdoor and indoor inflatable slide with replaceable sliding surface, hand painted

Obstacle course

One or multi piece obstacle course in several sizes, several motors, protective webbing

Action games

Multi function action game for children and adults, with flexible payment options

Other games

Only your imagination limits the types of air inflated games we can make...

Every game is examined by the strictest EMI-TUV examination!

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Dear visitor, look around on our website and write us, if you would like to learn more about any of our products. The webpage is not completed yet, but new information, pictures and descriptions are constantly being added. Visit us more often, and follow the changes. Maybe some of our ideas can help you.


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